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The official website of the IRS gives you access to all IRS Forms, Schedules, Instructions and Publications, which you can download via Adobe Acrobat, and provides helpful information for individual and business taxpayers.
Taxpayers who are due a refund on their federal income tax return can check the status of their refund here.  You will need to enter your Social Security Number, Filing Status, and the amount of the refund requested.
The new federal income tax withholding tables for 2007 (IRS Publication 15).
Make sure that you do not have too much or too little federal income tax withheld from your pay.  Use this free online calculator to determine how to fill out your Form W-4
An online calculator to help you determine the amount of state and local sales tax you can deduct on Schedule A
The federal per diem rates for Lodging and Meals and Incidental Expenses for domestic business travel effective for 2004, 2005 and prior years.  Click on "Per Diem Rates" under "Travel Resources".  
The State Department per diem rates for Lodging and Meals and Incidental Expenses for international travel.
Small business and self-employed taxpayers - have your questions answered, obtain forms and publications, and stay up to date on small business tax issues.
Apply for a federal EIN online
Pay any type of federal individual or business tax online.
This page provides direct access to the tax forms for each state, the District of Columbia, and US Territories, which you can download using Adobe Acrobat.
This is the place to find out if a charity or non-profit organization is exempt from federal taxation, and how much of your contribution is tax deductible.  
The site has comprehensive information on Social Security, Medicare and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs and benefits and provides access to Social Security forms and publications, your personal Social Security Statement, and various benefits calculators.
This section of the website of the Bureau of Public Debt provides a variety of information, calculators and services for individuals who have invested in or are thinking of investing in US Savings Bonds (all series).  The Savings Bond Calculator can determine the value of your bonds today or at some time in the future.  You can also calculate the amount of interest accrued on a bond for the year if you have elected to report accrued savings bond interest annually on your federal tax return.  Go here to find out if your savings bonds have stopped earning interest and to purchase bonds online.
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Use these worksheets to determine the tax basis of your AT&T shares.
This site will help charitable givers make intelligent giving decisions by providing information on over 4000 charities and by evaluating the financial health of each of these charities.  It also provides articles and guide on charitable giving
This site helps non-profit charitable, educational, scientific and religious organizations obtain IRS tax-exempt status under Code Section 501(c)(3).
A state-by-state listing of professional tax return preparers, all members of the National Association of Tax Professionals.
Current and historical exchange rates for 164 currencies.
Find the price of any listed stock or mutual fund on any given date.  Use this site to help determine the tax basis of inherited stock when estate information is not available.
Use this calculator to estimate the amount of your home office deduction.
Use this site to determine the market value of an automobile donated to charity, or to find the retail value of a used car you want to buy (click on Private Party Value).  It also provides trade-in values.
Use the calculators on this site to find out how much you will save by making an additional monthly or annual principal payment on your mortgage or by changing to a Bi-Weekly payment schedule.  Compare your current mortgage to a new mortgage to see how much you will reduce your monthly payments and determine the "break-even" point for recovering the closing costs of a refinanced mortgage.
Here are some websites that provide guidelines for determining the value of non-cash (clothes, household items, applicances and furnature, etc.) contributions to charity.
Use this site to pay your 2002 federal income tax liability, or make your quarterly estimated tax payments, using your American Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA credit card.  Many state income tax liabilities can also be paid by credit card via this site.  You will be charged a free based on the amount of tax being paid.  The fee schedule is posted on the site.
An online collection of payroll tools, this site features a Paycheck Calculator to determine the federal and state withholding and net pay under various scenarios.  You can use this calculator to see how changing your withholding status and/or number of exemptions will affect your take home pay.  Other calculators include an Hourly Paycheck Calculator, Gross Pay Calculator, W-4 Calculator, 401(k) Planner, Stock Options Calculator, and Tip Tax Calculator.  It also has a glossary of payroll terms and provides access to the payroll tax withholding forms for most states, which you can download using Adobe Acrobat.
RNI helps providers of family child care successfully manage their businesses.  The site offers news, information and publications on recordkeeping, taxes, IRS audits, contracts, insurance, and other business issues.  It provides access to other family child care business resources and organizations, and has a state-by-state listing of tax preparers who are familiar with family child care provider tax returns.
Use this calculator to determine the Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA - updated for the 4/17/02 IRS final regulations.
These sites provides "everything you always wanted to know" about the ROTH IRA and the new ROTH 401(k).
This site offers complete and up-to-date information on Section 529 college tuition savings plans for all states, with links to the websites of the individual state plans.
This calculator will show you just how much you will save in federal taxes by donating shares of appreciated stock to charity instead of selling the shares and donating the cash.
Information and resources on the IRC Section 72(t) SEPP exception to the 10% early withdrawal penalty.
This site has a free calculator to compare what you need to earn on a taxable security to equal the tax-free yield of a municipal bond or bond fund investment.  Click on "Calculators".
A launching pad for legal research on the taxation of life insurance contracts, intended for use by individual policyholders.  It contains detailed information on Internal Revenue Code Sections, Treasury Regulations, Letter Rulings, Revenue Rulings, Federal Case Law, Articles, and links to related websites.